Direct-connected portable air compressor

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Portable direct compressor

Easy for moving around with wheel

Easy for maintenance

Fast inflation

Competitive prices

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The direct compressor relates to a direct connected air compressor, which comprises an air storage tank, an air compressor head and an engine. The transmission mode between the air compressor head and the engine is direct transmission, that is, the crankcase end cover of the air compressor head is fixed on the box body of the engine, and the air compressor head directly drives the crankshaft of the air compressor head through the output shaft of the engine. In addition, the air compressor is also included in front of the bottom of the air storage tank, Two feet and barrel wheels on both sides are respectively installed at the rear end, and a handle and a detachable extended handle connected to the handle are installed at the rear of the air storage tank. The fan in the engine is at the position that can cool the cylinder of the engine and the head of the air compressor at the same time. The output shaft of the engine of the utility model drives the crankshaft of the head of the air compressor to operate, The air compressor head and engine are integrated into a whole, which has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, long service life, safe and reliable operation, and convenient operation, maintenance and handling. It is especially suitable for field operation, frequent movement or inconvenient power supply.

This direct air compressor can be used widely like home garden repare ,tools repaire ,also can be used for hardware shops ,small factories,very convenient to move anywhere that you has very easy maintenance ,just add oil ,drain the water out of tank every 3-5 days after use,cause it is very cheap prices,customers all like it.


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