china manufacture of Silent Oil-free Air Compressor

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• The cyLinderand piston are made of N-CRM material with nano-features that empowertheirwear-resistance and high temperature tolerance;

• This envi ronment- and user-friendly compressor can be easily maintained to operate at a noise Level below 70dB.

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When the compressor is running, the air enters the primary cylinder from the suction valve through the intake silencing filter. In the compression stroke, the original gas volume is reduced and the gas pressure is increased. During the exhaust process, the compressed gas enters the interstage cooler through the exhaust valve. During the suction stroke of the secondary piston, the gas cooled by the interstage cooler enters the secondary cylinder through the secondary suction valve. During the compression stroke of the secondary piston, make the compressed gas reach the specified exhaust pressure. Enter the reservoir through the secondary exhaust valve (or enter the reservoir through the aftercooler).  

In order to prevent the lubricating oil (or oil mist) from cascading into the compressed gas, the design of the compressor breaks through the traditional way, so that the middle part of the compressor produces a pressure to inhibit the cascading of lubricating oil. So as to ensure the purity of compressed gas.  

The quality of the gas discharged from the oil-free compressor is excellent, and the design standard oil content is ≤ 0.01ppm. The product is equipped with a starting unloading device. Starting unloading is completed by the action of centrifugal unloader and control valve inside the compressor. That is, when the compressor stops, the centrifugal unloader and control valve work. Discharge the high-pressure gas in the secondary cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of no load or less load when starting again. The reliability of the product is improved.  

When the compressor unit is not shut down, it adjusts the gas volume by itself and the control pressure does not continue to rise. It is called air conditioning product or constant speed unloading product.  

The air regulating device works in linkage with the unloader installed on the cylinder head and the regulating valve installed on the air storage tank to adjust the air volume. When the pressure in the air tank exceeds the rated value, the pressure regulating valve opens, and the pressure in the air tank enters the unloader on the cylinder head. The pressure forces the piston and bottom plate of the unloader to fall against the resistance of the piston spring of the unloader. The connecting rod on the bottom plate pushes open the suction valve plate, so that the gas entering the cylinder goes out from the opening of the suction valve, so compressed gas cannot be generated. When the pressure in the air storage tank is lower than the pressure difference determined by the pressure regulating valve, the pressure regulating valve is closed, the unloader piston and bottom plate are reset, the suction valve returns to normal operation, and the compressor is loaded again. The pressure regulating valve has unloading pressure regulation and differential pressure regulation. Unloading pressure is the pressure to unload the compressor; The differential pressure is the difference between the unloading pressure and the pressure when the compressor is reloaded.


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