Belt air compressor

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(1) The pressure range is the widest. Piston compressors are applicable from low pressure to ultra-high pressure. At present, the maximum working pressure used in industry is 350Mpa, and the pressure used in laboratory is higher

( 2) High efficiency. Due to different working principles, the efficiency of piston compressor is much higher than that of centrifugal compressor. The efficiency of rotary compressor is also low due to high-speed airflow resistance loss and gas internal leakage

( 3) Strong adaptability. The exhaust volume of piston compressor can be selected in a wide range; Especially in the case of small exhaust volume, it is often difficult or even impossible to make speed type. In addition, the influence of the gravity of the gas on the performance of the compressor is not as significant as that of the speed type, so it is easier to transform the compressor of the same specification when it is used in different media

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When the piston runs down at the highest point, the suction valve Open, the gas enters the cylinder from the suction valve and fills the whole volume between the cylinder and the piston end until the piston runs to the lowest point, and the suction process is completed. When the piston runs upward from the lowest point, the suction valve is closed and the gas is sealed in the sealing space of the cylinder. The piston continues to run upward, forcing the space smaller and smaller, so the gas pressure increases. When the pressure reaches the value required by the work, the compression process is completed. At this time, the exhaust valve is forced to open, and the gas is discharged at this pressure until the piston runs to the highest point, and the exhaust process is completed.

Which is the best centrifugal compressor ? Features of piston compressor:Advantages: 1. No matter the flow is small, it can reach the pressure of the cup, which is like a single stage,The final pressure can reach 0.3 ~ 0 ・ 5MPa, and the final pressure of multistage compression can reach ・ loompao

2. High efficiency. During gas volume adjustment, the exhaust pressure is almost unchanged.  Disadvantages: 1. When the speed is low and the exhaust volume is large, the machine appears stupid;The structure is complex, there are many vulnerable parts, and the maintenance quantity is large. 3. Poor dynamic balance and vibration during operation. 4. The exhaust volume is discontinuous and the air flow is uneven.


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