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Piston air compressor is one of the most common positive displacement air compressors. Taking Fusheng air compressor as an example, it changes the rotating motion of the driving machine into the reciprocating motion of the piston by the crank connecting rod mechanism. The piston and the cylinder together form the working chamber of the air compressor. Relying on the reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder and the automatic opening and closing of the inlet and exhaust valves, the gas enters the working chamber of the cylinder periodically for compression and discharge.

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Piston air compressor is mainly composed of three parts; Moving mechanism (crankshaft, bearing, connecting rod, crosshead, pulley or coupling, etc.), working mechanism (cylinder, piston, air valve, etc.) and machine body. In addition, there are three auxiliary systems: lubrication system, cooling system and regulation system.

Motion mechanism is a kind of crank connecting rod mechanism, which changes the rotating motion of crankshaft into the reciprocating motion of crosshead. The fuselage is used to support and install the whole moving mechanism and working mechanism. The working mechanism is the main component to realize the working principle of the air compressor. Applicable range

The piston air compressor belongs to a reciprocating air compressor. The pressure level belongs to medium pressure, high pressure and ultra-high pressure. It is suitable for occasions with high pressure. The flow is medium and small. It is mainly suitable for occasions with medium and small displacement and high pressure.

Piston air compressor is the most widely used air compressor in traditional fields, but with the rise of other rotary air compressors and other products, its market in many fields, such as refrigeration, is gradually shrinking.

The key ethylene construction projects in China's petrochemical field and the vigorous rectification in the coal field in recent years will drive the development of piston air compressor technology and its industry. Piston air compressor is mainly developed in the direction of large capacity, high pressure, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability; Continuously develop new air valves operating under variable working conditions to improve the service life of air valves; In product design, the performance of air compressor under actual working conditions is predicted by comprehensive simulation based on the theories of thermodynamics and dynamics; Strengthen the electromechanical integration of the air compressor and adopt computational automatic control to realize optimized energy-saving operation and on-line operation. Working principle

In pneumatic transmission, volumetric piston air compressor is usually used. The piston air compressor uses the crankshaft to drive the reciprocating motion of the piston to compress the gas in the cylinder cavity and continuously produce compressed air. The piston air compressor is a positive displacement air compressor, which is limited by its working principle and characteristics. In order to stabilize the air supply, the general piston air compressor is equipped with an air storage tank. Main advantages

1. Applicable pressure range is wide. Because it works on the principle of volume change, it can reach a high working pressure regardless of its flow. At present, various low, medium, high and ultra-high pressure air compressors have been made, of which the working pressure of ultra-high pressure air compressor in industry can reach 350Mpa (3500kgf / cm2).

2. Low equipment price, less initial investment, convenient operation and long service life.

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3. Because the compression process is a closed process, the thermal efficiency is high.

4. It has strong adaptability, wide exhaust volume range, and is less affected by the change of exhaust pressure. When the medium weight changes, the change of volume displacement and exhaust pressure is also small.


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