Single Stage Belt Driven Piston Reciprocation Air Compressor 7.5kw 10HP

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Piston air compressor is a kind of reciprocating air compressor. Its compression element is a piston, which makes reciprocating motion in the cylinder. According to the method of piston contacting with gas, there are often several forms: piston air compressor is the most rare and used one in reciprocating air compressor, and its piston is in direct contact with gas.

The compression is sealed by piston rings. Because of its wide pressure scale, it can adapt to a wide energy scale. It has the advantages of high speed, multi cylinder, adjustable energy, high thermal efficiency and suitable for a variety of working conditions

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The maximum allowable ambient temperature of the air compressor is 40 ℃. All maintenance work shall be carried out after stopping and releasing the pressure. The crankcase of the air compressor shall not be opened until it is stopped for at least 15min. The safety valve of the air compressor shall be calibrated at least once a year, the pressure gauge shall be calibrated according to the time limit specified by the metering department, and the pressure regulator (pressure control valve, pressure switch) and electromagnetic switch shall also be inspected regularly to ensure that they are in normal working condition. The choice of air compression Airport: the place with clean air and good ventilation can prolong the service life of the machine and reduce energy consumption. Sufficient light, reserve maintenance space, regularly check the oil level of the machine and keep the air filter clean. The machine must be placed horizontally, and the belt side should face the wall, but not close to it, so as not to affect the cooling effect of the fan (a gap of more than 30 cm should be reserved with the wall). Please properly adjust the tightness of the belt. When applying force (about 3 ~ 4.5kg) at the midpoint of the two pulleys, the V-belt should be 10 ~ 15mm lower than the original height. ① Too tight V-belt will increase the motor load, the motor is easy to heat and consume power, and the belt tension is too large and easy to break. ② If the V-belt is too loose, it is easy to cause the belt to slip and produce high heat, damage the belt, and make the revolution of the air compressor unstable. Too little lubricating oil ① will hinder the normal operation of the machine and even cause burning. ② If there is too much oil, it will cause unnecessary waste, and carbon deposition in the exhaust valve will affect the efficiency and service life of the whole machine. The machine should not be started frequently, and should not be more than 10 times per hour, so as to avoid electrical failure. For regular inspection and maintenance, please keep it clean and open the drain valve of the air storage tank once a day to drain oil and water. In places with heavy moisture, please open it every four hours.

Please check the lubricating oil level once a day to ensure the lubrication of the air compressor.  

The lubricating oil shall be renewed after 100 hours of initial operation, and then every 1000 hours (the oil shall be renewed every 500 hours if the service environment is poor).  

Note: when replacing new oil, the crankcase must be cleaned and new oil can be injected after cleaning. The air filter shall be cleaned or replaced in about 150 days (the filter element is a consumable), but the increase or decrease depends on the environment.  

Check the tightness of the belt and screws at all parts once a month. After 1000 hours (or half a year), please remove the air valve for cleaning. Please clean all parts of the machine once a year.


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