4″STM10 deep well pump submersible clean water pumps

Short Description:

Rewindable motor / fully enclosed shielding motor
1 Phase: 220V-240V/50Hz
3 Phase: 380V-415V/50Hz
Dimension and curve according to NEMA Standard

Water supply
Sprinkler irrigation
Pressure boosting

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Before starting the pump, the suction pipe and pump must be filled with liquid. After starting the pump, the impeller rotates at high speed, and the liquid in it rotates with the blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, it flies away from the impeller and shoots out. The speed of the emitted liquid in the diffusion chamber of the pump shell gradually slows down, the pressure gradually increases, and then flows out of the pump outlet and discharge pipe. At this time, at the center of the blade, a vacuum low-pressure area without air and liquid is formed because the liquid is thrown around. Under the action of atmospheric pressure on the pool surface, the liquid in the liquid pool flows into the pump through the suction pipe. In this way, the liquid is continuously pumped up from the liquid pool and continuously flows out of the discharge pipe.

Basic parameters: including flow, head, pump speed, supporting power, rated current, efficiency, outlet diameter, etc.

Composition of submersible pump: it is composed of control cabinet, submersible cable, lifting pipe, submersible electric pump and submersible motor.

Scope of use: including mine rescue, construction drainage, agricultural drainage and irrigation, industrial water circulation, water supply for urban and rural residents, and even rescue and disaster relief.


On the use of media, submersible pumps can be generally divided into clean water submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps and seawater submersible pumps (corrosive).

QJ submersible pump is a water lifting machine with direct connection of motor and water pump. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells, as well as water lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs and canals. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and human and livestock water in Plateau and mountainous areas. It can also be used for water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites.


1. The motor and water pump are integrated, running in the water, safe and reliable.

2. There are no special requirements for well pipe and lifting pipe (i.e. steel pipe well, ash pipe well and earth well can be used; under the permission of pressure, steel pipe, rubber pipe and plastic pipe can be used as lifting pipe).

3. The installation, use and maintenance are convenient and simple, the floor area is small, and there is no need to build a pump house.

4. The result is simple and saves raw materials. Whether the service conditions of submersible pump are appropriate and properly managed is directly related to the service life


Identification Code


4:Well diameter:

ST:submersible pump model

M:Single phase motor(three phase without M)

2:Capacity(m3/h) 6:Stage

Fields of Application

For water supply from wells or reservoir

For domestic use, for civil and industrial application

For garden use and irrigation

Technical Data

Suitable fluids

Clear, free from solid or abrasive substances,

Chemicallyu neutral and close to the characteristics of water Performance

Speed range:2900rpm

Fluid temperature range:-W^C ~40P

Max.Working pressure:40bar

Ambient Temperature

Permissible up to 40*0


Single phased ~240V/50Hz,50Hz



Degree of protection:IP68

Insulation class: B

Construction Materials

Casing both of pump and motor, pump shaft:stainless steel AISI304

Outlet and lnlet:bronze

Impeller and diffuser, non-retum valve:thermoplastic resin PPO


Control switch, waterproof glue.


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