6SR18 deep well pump cheap agriculture irrigation vertical borehole water pump

Short Description:

Use selected raw materials:304 stainless steel motor rotor head

High precision and efficient processing mahineries avoid error

100% copper wire of the motor

Easy for installation,convenient operation and maintenance

Product Detail

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1. vertical deep well centrifugal water pump stainless steel submersible pump is simple structure, easy installation, convenient operation and maintenance.

2. The stainless steel submersible pump is equipped with inner motor, and special designed for whole submerge work. (Electrical machine and pump wok as a whole, it's safe very much.)

3. It is suitable to transport water for extraction of deep groundwater, can also be used in deep well, rivers, reservoirs and ditch water projects.

4. It is mainly used for irrigation and livestock water system, also for city, factory, railways, mining, water supply and drainage construction site.

Operating conditions

Maximum fluid temperature upto +35*C

Maximum sand content:0.25%

Maximum immersion:100m.

Minimum well diameter:6"

Motor and Pump

Rewindable motor or Full obturated screen motor


Direct start(1 cable)

Star-delta start(2 cable)

Equip with start contol box or digital auto-control box

NEMA dimension standards

Curve tolerance according to ISO 2548

Options on request

Special mechanical seal

Other coltages or frequency 60Hz

Warranty:1 year

(according to our general sales conditions)


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