• Motor


    Service life The life of the motor is made with the deterioration of insulation or the consumption of sliding parts, the deterioration of bearings, etc Life chart – Motor housing temperature various factors, such as dysfunction, are mostly subject to bearing conditions. The life of bearings...
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  • Deep Well  Pump

    Deep Well Pump

    Before opening the pump, the suction tube and the pump must be filled with liquid. After opening the pump, the impeller rotates at high speed, the liquid rotates with the blades, under the action of centrifugal force, the flyaway impeller shoots outwards, the discharge of the liquid in the pump s...
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  • Robtic Welding Power Source

    Robtic Welding Power Source

    Welding robots are industrial robots engaged in welding( including cutting and spraying).  According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)Industrial Machines Man is defined as a standard welding robot, an industrial robot is a versatile, programmable, automatic control opera...
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  • New Welding Machine Products

    New Welding Machine Products

    We are now providing some latest inverter welding machine to the market ,like our MIG-200 synergy with colour display ,it is very easy for the operation,and its welding performance is great ,it is one multi-function GMTW welder,it can do MIG/MMA/LIFT TIG ,it can weld steel ,carbon steel ,stainess...
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  • air compressor

    air compressor

    We had more than 15 years’ experience on providing customers different air compressor,from normal oil compressor include direct-air compressor,belt air compressor ,piston air compressor,compressor pump head ,compressor motor to oil-free air compressor ,from 1 HP power to more than 40 HP pow...
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  • water pumps news

    water pumps news

    We are honoured to offer our customers another big and popular products line for the water pumps,we can offer many kinds of deep well water pumps like 3 STM ,4 STM which are most popular water pumps models in the market ,also other water pumps like vibration pump,peripheral pump,self-sunction pum...
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