PERFORATOR developed the industry’s first automatic friction welding machine for drill pipes

PERFORATOR has already started using the industry’s first automatic friction welding machine to produce drill pipes, it said.
In July, the Wakenried, Germany-based company began production of its new robotic pipe handling system equipped with a friction welding machine for drill pipes.
“This friction welding was developed according to our specific requirements and is unique in the drill pipe industry,” said Johann-Christian von Behr, CEO of PERFORATOR GmbH. “We need it to handle the largest range of products, from very small diameters to very large diameters. We can now friction weld all kinds of drill pipes in this range: diameter 40-220 mm; 4-25 mm wall thickness; and 0.5- 13 m long.
“At the same time, it provides additional features that enable us to perform the friction welding process more efficiently and flexibly.”
The new system was assembled and installed on-site in the past 10 months, working closely with multiple suppliers. Special features include an automatic loading and unloading system-consisting of a separate separation and conveying system-and two robots for more flexible use of the friction welding machine.
According to PERFORATOR, the setup and training time has been reduced, and the loading system automatically obtains data from the welding machine’s control device. In addition, the cycle time can be shortened.
von Behr explained: “We have been looking for a welding machine with an automatic loading system that can meet our various needs. Since we could not find a suitable complete solution in the market, we contacted various suppliers and contacted them Together we designed a separately designed machine.”
PERFORATOR said that through this “unique” installation, it can improve product quality and process reliability through friction welding, which is more effective than traditional arc welding technology.
PERFORATOR said that through this investment, it has strengthened its competitive position, especially in the drill pipe industry.
PERFORATOR is a subsidiary of Schmidt Kranz Group, specializing in the design and manufacture of various horizontal and vertical drilling technologies. Its core competitiveness is in the fields of drill pipes, drilling tools and grouting pumps.
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Post time: Aug-23-2021