MIG-200 LCD Standard Packing CO2/Mixed Gas Welder

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MIG synergy

Multi-function for MIG+MAG+MMA+TIG

Easy for operation

Special for Aluminium Welding

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The PWM control module receives the welding output voltage and current feedback signal of the main circuit of the butt welding machine by the detection unit 

The wire feeding voltage regulating unit regulates the voltage of the wire feeding motor, and adjusts the speed of the wire feeding motor through the wire feeding speed regulating unit

The speed of wire motor is adjusted by controlling the wire feeding current. At the same time, the change of wire feeding motor voltage returns To the PWM control module, the PWM control module controls the main circuit of the welding machine through the drive module according to the adjustment of the voltage of the wire feeding motor. The welding output is affected by the wire feeding voltage regulation. the drive module amplifies the modulated drive signal sent by the PWM control module and drives the power switch Components such as IGBT module and MOS tube work stably and reliably. At the same time, high voltage and high current are applied to the main circuit switching device of the welding machine Isolated from PWM control module. The function of PWM control module is to control the current and voltage parameters given by the panel at the same time.

The current and voltage signals at the output end of the welding machine are collected, compared and calculated respectively, and then the PWM pulse generation circuit is controlled to generate a suitable pulse 

The drive pulse is sent to the drive module.while adjusting the speed of the wire feeder, the wire feeding speed is preset in the PWM control module

How much voltage is needed. The feedback circuit of the welding machine output voltage and current collects the welding machine output voltage in real time in the PWM control module Automatic matching in. MIG welding requires that the output voltage of the welding machine and the wire feeding speed match to reach the welding speed Connection effect. The welding machine can be welded only by adjusting the voltage of the wire feeding motor. The voltage of the wire feeding motor is adjusted by over potentiometer.

The wire feeding speed is fine tuned through resistor R99, and the wire feeding input voltage is adjusted through resistor R33 and resistor R35 The variable input current flows through triode v19 and triode V20 to adjust the wire feeding speed. Adjust the output voltage of the welding machine ,At the same time, the input voltage of the wire feeding motor adjusts the output pulse of the wire feeding motor control module uc2845 through resistance R49 and resistance r48 Wide to reach the regulation of output voltage of wire feeding motor. In this way, the output voltage and voltage of wire feeding can be achieved by adjusting the output of the welding machine .The wire speed is adjusted at the same time, so as to realize one-dimensional adjustment.


Input Power Voltage V 230V,1Ph
Frequency Hz 50/60
No-Load Voltage V 60
Rated Input Capacity KVA 6.6
Output Current (MIG,230V) A 40-200
Output Current (MMA,230V) A 20-150
Output Current                           (Lift TIG,230V) A 10-150
Rated Duty Cycle (25 degree) % 60%
Power Factor COS 0.93
Temperature Protection 75 degree
Protective Grade of Housing IP23
Suitable For Electrode mm 2.5-4.0
suitable For wire mm 0.8-1.0
Power Supply Cable  2 meters 2.5mm power cable
Plug USA type
Wire feeder 2 rolls ,1/5Kg wire spool inside
Packing Size cm 48*29*44
G.W Kg 14
N.W Kg 11
Generator Friendly yes,above 20 Kw
Accessories 1) 3 meters Euro MIG torch,type :15AK . 2) 2 meters 25-35mm2 copper and alu welding clamp . 3)2 meters 25-35mm2 earth clamp. 4)60cm adaptor .5) 3meters tube

Standard Packing List

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-Full digital and advanced IGBT inverter technology

-Multi-process:MIG-mixed gas,MIG-CO2(Faws),MMA&LIFT TIG

-Synergic control,LED display,easy to operate

-Mixed gas and CO2 gas selectable  under MIG process

-FAWS technology,low spatter under MIG-CO2 mode when welding solid carbon steel wire

-Spot welding function is available

-Inductance and arc length can be finely adjusted

-2T/4T function,abundant modes to serve for various welding demands

-Polarity change function inside,weld with no gas protection in this function by using flux-cored self-shield wire

-Fan as needed,reduces noise and dust inside the machine

-1KG/5KG spool adaptive,enrich the choice of different spool

-Intelligent protection;VRD ,over-heating,over-current,convoy for the welder to keep power

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