MIG-200SD LCD Display 110/220V 2t/4t Function Vrd 5kg Wire Welder

Short Description:

This model is one multi-function inverter welding machine

MIG/MMA/LIFT TIG three in one welder

Weld steel,carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminium

Easy for operation based on smart synergy system

Very low spatter when weld,good welding performance

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Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is a welding process with high quality and high efficiency. With the popularization and application of semi-automatic welding and automatic welding, GMAW plays a more and more important role in various welding methods. P-GMAW is the abbreviation of pulsed gas metal arc welding. It is a kind of gas metal arc welding with periodic variation of welding current. It was invented by the British Welding Research Institute in the 1960s. P-GMAW further expands the welding specification range and has good protection effect

Based on the principle of modular software design, the system flow control program of intelligent arc welding power supply is designed. On this basis, according to the process characteristics and requirements of P-GMAW (pulsed gas metal arc welding), a unified process control algorithm is designed and optimized by large-scale calibration. yes φ 0.8 mm and φ The welding experiments of 1.6 mm carbon steel welding wire were carried out under different currents. By analyzing the current waveform and weld formation, the ideal welding parameters of different processes were obtained, and the unified parameter expert database of digital pulse MIG welding was developed. The welding process is stable and the weld formation is good

The utility model provides a device with unified regulation. A MIG electric welding machine circuit belongs to the technical field of electric welding machines. It's solved In the prior art, the traditional MIG welding machine needs to manually adjust the output The matching of voltage and wire feeding speed. The circuit includes a driving module Block, welding machine main circuit for outputting welding voltage and control wire feeding PWM control module of motor input voltage.

The overdrive module is connected to the main circuit of the welding machine, and also connected with PWM control Wire feeding voltage regulating unit and wire feeding speed regulating unit connected with module. The wire feeding voltage regulating unit comprises two resistors connected in parallel,Wire feeding voltage regulating unit output and wire feeding speed regulating unit output The output end of the main circuit of the welding machine is connected with a wire feeding motor Detection unit for detecting welding output current and voltage, detection unit The feedback is connected to the PWM control module. The circuit passes through a simple unary. By adjusting the voltage of the motor, the output voltage can be adjusted The welding voltage is matched with the wire feeding speed.

Input Power Voltage V 110/220V,1Ph
Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated Input Capacity KVA 6.6
Output Current (MIG,220V) A 30-200
Output Current (MIG,110V) A 30-140
Output Current (MMA,220V) A 20-170
Output Current (MMA,110V) A 20-110
Output Current                           (Lift TIG,220V) A 10-200
Output Current                         (Lift TIG,110V) A 10-140
No-Load Voltage V 60
Rated Duty Cycle (25 degree) % 60%
Power Factor COS 0.93
Temperature Protection   75 degree
Protective Grade of Housing   IP23
Suitable For Electrode mm 2.5-4.0
suitable For wire mm 0.8-1.0
Power Supply Cable    2 meters 2.5mm power cable
Plug   Brazil plug
Wire feeder   2 rolls ,1/5Kg wire spool inside
Packing Size cm 49.5*24.5*41
G.W Kg 15
N.W Kg 10
Generator Friendly   yes,above 20 Kw

Standard Packing List



-Full digital and advanced IGBT inverter technology

-Multi-process:MIG-mixed gas,MIG-CO2(Faws),MMA&LIFT TIG

-Synergic control,LED display,easy to operate

-Mixed gas and CO2 gas selectable  under MIG process

-FAWS technology,low spatter under MIG-CO2 mode when welding solid carbon steel wire

-Spot welding function is available

-Inductance and arc length can be finely adjusted

-2T/4T function,abundant modes to serve for various welding demands

-Polarity change function inside,weld with no gas protection in this function by using flux-cored self-shield wire

-Fan as needed,reduces noise and dust inside the machine

-1KG/5KG spool adaptive,enrich the choice of different spool

-Intelligent protection;VRD ,over-heating,over-current,convoy for the welder to keep power

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