6SR17 Electrical Garden Submersible High Pressure Water Pump

Short Description:

1. 100% copper wire, and automatic wiring

2. C&U bearings ( the best bearing brand of China )

3. Double side mechanical seal

4. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with high-speed punching, improve the efficiency and precision

5. 304 Stainless steel welding shaft

6. Demagnetization of stainless steel nuts

7. Anti-rust treatment castings and electrophoresis

8. New testing equipment

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Working principle and performance of deep well pump 1. Product introduction of deep well pump: deep well pump is a water lifting machine with direct connection of motor and water pump. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells and can also be used in water lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs and canals. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and water for people and livestock in Plateau and mountainous areas. It can also be used for cities, factories, railways, mines Site water supply and drainage. 2、 Features of deep well pump: 1. Motor and water pump are integrated, running in water, safe and reliable. 2. There are no special requirements for well pipe and lifting pipe (i.e. steel pipe well, ash pipe well, earth well, etc; Under the permission of pressure, steel pipe, rubber pipe and plastic pipe can be used as lifting pipe). 3. The installation, use and maintenance are convenient and simple, the floor area is small, and there is no need to build a pump house. 4. Simple structure and saving raw materials. Whether the service conditions of submersible pump are appropriate and properly managed is directly related to the service life. 3、 Meaning of deep well pump model: IV. service conditions of deep well pump: the deep well pump can operate continuously under the following conditions: 1. Three phase AC power supply with rated frequency of 50Hz and rated voltage of 380 ± 5% v. 2. The water inlet of the pump must be below 1m of the dynamic water level, but the diving depth shall not exceed 70m below the static water level. The water depth from the lower end of the motor to the bottom of the well shall be at least 1m. 

3. Generally, the water temperature shall not be higher than 20 ℃ 

4. Water quality requirements:

(1) Sand content in water shall not be greater than 0.01% (weight ratio); (2) the pH value is in the range of 6.5 ~ 8.5; (3) chloride ion content shall not be greater than 400 mg / L. 5. The well shall be positive, the well wall shall be smooth, and there shall be no staggered well tubes.  

5、 Structure description of deep well pump



Applied to pump clean water without abrasive particles and liquid  that is chemically non-aggressive to the materials of pump. Such as:

1.  Well / River pumping

2.  Water transfer

3.  Domestic water supply

4.  Garden / Farm Irrigation

5.  General industrial services



Operating conditions

Maximum fluid temperature up to +50*C

Maximum sand content:0.25%

Maximum immersion: 100m.

Minimum well diameter:6w

Motor and Pump

RRewindable motor or Full obturated screen motor


Direct start(1 cable)

Star-delta start(2 cable)

Equip with start contol box or digital auto-control box

NEMA dimension standards

Curve tolerance according to ISO 2548

Warranty: 1 year

(according to our general sales conditions).


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