6SR46 deep well pump submersible water pumps

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Well electric pump is an energy-saving product designed according to national standards. It is widely used in farmland irrigation, water supply and drainage of industrial and mining enterprises, and water for human and livestock in Plateau and mountainous areas. This type of pump is composed of QJ pump and YQS motor. It works underwater. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, safe, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

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QJR series well heat-resistant pump is a heat-resistant electric pump directly connected with well heat-resistant three-phase asynchronous motor. The heat-resistant water temperature can reach 100 ° C. It is an effective tool for diving into the well and extracting geothermal water; Geothermal is the cheapest, cleanest and inexhaustible new energy. Nowadays, it is widely used in heating, medical treatment, bathing, breeding, planting, industry and agriculture, factories and mining enterprises, entertainment services, health care facilities and many other aspects. It has the advantages of pump machine integration, simple structure, reliable operation, no noise, excellent performance, high unit efficiency and convenient installation and maintenance; It has many advantages, such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It is the latest product of geothermal water. Type 1. Vertical use, such as in general wells; 2. Inclined use, such as in inclined roadway of mine; 3. Horizontal use, such as in a pool

3、 Precautions for deep well pump:

1. The well pump shall be used in the clean water source with sand content less than%. The pump room shall be equipped with pre moistening water tank, and the capacity shall meet the pre moistening water required for one-time startup.  

2. For the newly installed or overhauled deep well pump, the clearance between the pump shell and the impeller shall be adjusted, and the impeller shall not rub with the shell during operation. 3. Before operation of deep well pump, clean water shall be introduced into the shell of shaft and bearing for pre lubrication. 4. Before starting the deep well pump, the inspection items shall meet the following requirements: 1) the foundation bolts of the substructure have been tightened;  

2) The axial clearance meets the requirements, and the safety nut of the adjusting bolt has been installed; 3) the packing gland has been tightened and lubricated; 4) the motor bearing has been lubricated;  

5) Rotating the motor rotor by hand and the stop mechanism are flexible and effective.

6. During operation, when large vibration is found around the foundation, check the wear of water pump bearing or motor packing; In case of excessive wear and water leakage, replace it with a new one.  

7. The deep well pump that has sucked and discharged mud and sand shall be washed with clean water before stopping the pump.  

8. Before stopping the pump, close the water outlet valve, cut off the power supply and lock the switch box. When the pump is stopped in winter, the accumulated water in the pump shall be drained


For water supply from wells or reservoir

For domestic use, for civil and industrial application

For garden use and irrigation

Operating conditions

Maximum fluid temperature up to +50*C

Maximum sand content:0.25%

Maximum immersion: 100m.

Minimum well diameter:6w

Motor and Pump

RRewindable motor or Full obturated screen motor


Direct start(1 cable)

Star-delta start(2 cable)

Equip with start contol box or digital auto-control box

NEMA dimension standards

Curve tolerance according to ISO 2548

Warranty: 1 year

(according to our general sales conditions).


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