The use of belt air compressor

Sludge filter press maintenance essential basic common sense is the most common one, the cylinder cylinder block, the general because of the unreasonable, regulations on the spot, want to often to feed fresh water into the air compressor (some air compressor as if don’t have to add water), there are also in the inlets, there is a blocking, Aquarius, where the edge of the water also needs to be off, Second, the appropriate choice of filter press filter cloth, that is, to take into account the leachate response and both filtration efficiency.

Screw air compressor temperature 95 degrees normal? Generally speaking, the air compressor temperature is 85 degrees. Naturally, the temperature will increase by 7-8 degrees in summer, which is mainly related to the indoor ventilation natural environment of the air compressor station. Therefore, the installation should choose a good air circulation area, or install exhaust pipe cover to outdoor. If the air compressor is in high temperature, it is necessary to make sure that the temperature sensor is normal. It can be determined by portable infrared thermometer or infrared thermal imager. Naturally, there are other reasons, such as refrigeration unit, inlet, mechanical equipment network server and other automatic control system there are abnormal.

Released on July 1, 2020 implementation of the basic requirements of coal mine safety production standardization management system and grading method in the stressed: bucket machine, galvanized steel wire rope traction belt, roller, belt conveyor, belt conveyor, air compressor, pressure centrifugal fan, centrifugal pumps and other mechanical equipment to the industry regulation motor and critical temperature and the rolling bearing vibration analysis.

The quality of continuous filter cloth is the primary reason for the cracking of filter cloth. Today’s press filter cloth is made of chemical fiber, usually the advantages and disadvantages of the chemical fiber will harm the quality of the press filter cloth. The press cloth woven by hand with dacron staple fiber is much easier to crack than the press cloth woven by hand with long chemical fiber. Therefore, in order to better reduce losses, select qualified filter press cloth. It is also necessary to choose the appropriate type of filter cloth according to the overthinking processing technology. First, cylinder: cylinder is commonly blocked, this is generally because of the unreasonable use of the provisions on the spot to often add water to the air compressor, but also in the air inlet that there is a worrying water bottle, where the water also need to be discharged, otherwise into the cylinder is in trouble.

Packaging technology can be divided into traditional double-layer machine and machine equipment three categories, one is the flow machine equipment, such as small and medium-sized multifarious machine, continuous single-machine version, the other is the air compressor and other large and medium-sized generator set. Let’s take a look at the current stage manufacturers have SMT SMT machine.

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