YD2 series pole-changing multi-speed asynchronous motor

Short Description:

Compact structure

Low noise ,long working life

Energy saving ,high working efficiency

IEC standard

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Y series motor is a general purpose fully enclosed self fan cooled squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor. The installation size and power grade shall comply with IEC standards, the enclosure protection grade is IP44, the cooling method is ic411, and the continuous working system (S1). It is suitable for driving mechanical equipment without special requirements, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, food machinery, etc. Y series motor has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high locked rotor torque, low noise, low vibration and safe and reliable operation. Y80 ~ 315 motor meets the technical conditions of Y Series (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor JB / t9616-1999. Y355 motor meets the technical conditions of Y Series (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor jb5274-91. Y80 ~ 315 motor adopts class B insulation. Y355 motor adopts class F insulation. The rated voltage is 380V and the rated frequency is 50Hz. Power 3kw and below is Y connection method; Other powers are delta connection. The altitude of the motor operation site shall not exceed 1000m; The ambient air temperature varies with seasons, but does not exceed 40 ℃; The minimum ambient air temperature is - 15 ℃; The average maximum relative humidity in the wettest month is 90%; At the same time, the average minimum temperature of the month shall not be higher than 25 ℃. The motor has one shaft extension. According to the needs of users, it can be made into double shaft extension. The second shaft extension can also transmit the rated power, but it can only be driven by coupling. According to the needs of users, it can also supply other motors such as power, voltage, frequency, wet hot belt type (th), protection grade, etc

Product Overview

YD2 series motors are multi-speed by changing the winding poles,all the perform-ance are in accordance with IEC standard.It is widely used on the step speed regulation machinery,make them compact conformation,lower noise and energy conservation.

Operating Conditions

High stand center:80~280mm

Power range:0.35~82kw

Rated voltage:380v(special should order)

Rated frequency:50 hz or 60 hz

Protection grade:IP54 or IP55

Insulation class:B/F Duty:S1

Technical Parameters


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