4″STM2 deep well submersible pump

Short Description:

100% copper wire for motor,low rise of temperature,high reliability

304 # stainless steel body,environmental protection and pollution-free

The impeller integral floating structure has stronger sand resistance and long working life

For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications.
For garden use and irrigation.
For Tank application
For  Pressure boosting


Product Detail

Product Tags

Identification Code


4:Well diameter#

ST:submersible pump model

M:Single phase motor(three phase without M)



Fields of Application

For water supply from wells or reservoir

For domestic use, for civil and industrial application

For garden use and irrigation

Maximum fluid temperature up to +40 C
Max ambient temperature +40º C
Maximum sand content: 0.25%
Maximum immersion depth: 100m.
Minimum well diameter: 4"
Insulation: B
Protection: IP X8

Technical Data

Suitable fluids

Clear, free from solid or abrasive substances,

Chemicallyu neutral and close to the characteristics of water Performance

Speed range:2850rpm

Fluid temperature range:-10Xi ~4(TC

Max. Working pressure:40bar

Ambient Temperature

Permissible up to 40*C


Single phase: 1 ~240V/50Hz,



Degree of protection:IP68

Insulation class: B

Construction Materials

Casing both of pump and motor, pump shaft:stainless steel AISI304

Outlet and lnlet:bronze

Impeller and diffuser, non-return valve:thermoplastic resin PPO


Control switch, waterproof glue.


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