3″STM2 deep well submersible pump for irrigation

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100% copper wire ,cold-rolled silicon steel sheet

Stainless steel 304# shaft,stainless steel 304 # screws

Good quality of  bearing used on this deep well water pump

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This model of deep well pump is by designed of inletmesh cover to prevent impurities from entering and protect the normal operation of water pump,all made by stainless steel body ,wear resistance,oxidation resistance,long working life.double-layer rubber power supply wire has strong conductivity,it has CE standard certification,quality can be assured.and all 100% copper wire for the motor ,it makes more powerful movement,motor will not be burn during long time working,in the meanwhile,the motor can be reset and protected by temperature control to avoid damage.it is widely used on farmland irrigation,park fountain,deep well water in take ,river in take.


Capacity from l to2(m3/h)

Total head from 116 to 22(m)


Power:0.25 to 1.1kw(Single phase) Insulation class:B

Protection grade:IP68

Maximum diameter: 75mm

Highest temperature of liquid:35*C


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