The difference between plasma cutting machine and flame cutting machine

I firmly believe that as we all know, most section steel is all one large thick steel plate before it is finalized. In order to better make various types of steel, you must first cut it with a cutting machine. Therefore, the cutting machine is the main equipment for making section steel.
Speaking of cutting machines, now on the market, or everyone is more familiar with flame cutting machines and plasma cutting machines, what is the difference between these two cutting machines? Today we will discuss these two cutting machines and look at the differences between them.
First, let’s take a look at the flame cutting machine. In short, the flame cutting machine uses O2 to cut thick steel plates, so that the gas ignites the high-calorie food, and then melts the wound. As everyone knows, most flame cutting machines are all for carbon steel. Because of the high calorific value of ignition, it will cause deformation of carbon steel. Therefore, most of the carbon steel used in flame cutting machine is more than 10mm, and it is not suitable for carbon steel within 10mm. , because it causes deformation.
In addition, the plasma cutting machine, which is more characteristic than the flame cutting machine, can cut carbon steel and rare metals. The application range is relatively wide, but the plasma cutting machine uses the rated power of the power supply for cutting. The thicker the cut, the higher the power supply, the greater the consumption, and the higher the cost. Therefore, a plasma cutting machine is generally used to cut thinner thick steel plates, generally less than 15mm, and if it exceeds 15mm, a flame cutting machine will be selected.
Generally speaking, the scope of application of flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine is completely reversed, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a cutting machine, the key lies in its own needs, which is convenient for choosing a suitable cutting machine.

Post time: Apr-22-2022