Is there any way to make the energy consumption of the pneumatic booster pump small?

Power pressurized water pump is a small and medium-sized piston driven by low-voltage gas (2-8bar) given by many pistons, which can cause high pressure gas/liquid. It can be used for air compression and other gases, and the output pressure can be adjusted steplessly according to the pushing air pressure. The bronchial booster pump was ordered as a single-acting pump and a double-acting pump. The double-acting pump piston reduces the gas within 2 strokes of the reciprocating stroke. When working in the cylinder, the working piston in the cylinder results in a large total output flow.
The characteristics of the pneumatic air pump are:
Easy maintenance: The booster pump has few components and sealing properties, easy maintenance, low cost, and low maintenance cost.
Feature price comparison: Booster pumps are characterized by high output characteristics and low cost.
Relative height adjustable type: The output pressure and total flow of the booster pump are precisely adjusted by the pressure regulating valve that pushes the gas.
Adjust the air pressure of the transmission system and accurately adjust the output pressure of the pre-booster pump to keep it consistent between the pre-boost air pressure and the larger output pressure.
High output pressure: the larger working pressure of the liquid pipeline booster pump can reach 700Mpa, and the larger working pressure of the pneumatic gas pipeline booster pump can reach 300Mpa.
High-quality raw materials: part of the raw materials of the booster pump is made of hard aluminum alloy profiles. The raw material of high pressure piston is stainless steel plate. Application of two-way sealing. Information on important locations can be adopted by substance. High-power output: pneumatic pipeline booster pump is only 0.2-0.8Mpa air compression. All “O” rings, maintenance kits and spare parts of the pumps of the same series can be replaced with each other, greatly reducing maintenance costs. The pressure pipe booster pump does not need to be lubricated. should.
Easy to use: The booster pump ranges from simple manual operation to fully automatic actual operation. The booster pump is suitable for a variety of main purposes and is easily compatible with the customer’s system software supporting facilities. The gas motors of most pumps in the same series are interchangeable.
Automatic pressure test: The booster pump can quickly reciprocate during work. When the output pressure is close to the set pressure value, the reciprocating speed of the pump decreases until it stops. And under the pressure here, the energy consumption is very small, there is no heat generation, and there is no component movement. After the pressure equalizes and gets rid of the booster pump, it starts to work automatically. Various pneumatic valves: air compression, nitrogen, water vapor, etc.5566

Post time: Dec-22-2021