Programming of CNC plasma cutting machine and analysis of cutting thickness of plasma cutting machine

As the raw materials of sheet metal parts become more and more complicated, the cutting thickness of the CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine is getting larger and larger, which points out better regulations for cutting technology. Due to the various technical advantages of CNC machine tool plasma cutting, countries in the world prefer to cut medium carbon steel plates, but the CNC programming and simulation software of CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine are expensive, requiring customers to have in-depth professional skills, which is inconvenient Use by small businesses. Therefore, scientific research and development and design of cheap CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine program writing and system simulation, complete the manual writing and automatic generation of the required CNC machining programs, and the accuracy of the production and processing programs can be viewed and tested according to the production and processing simulation simulation. .
After investigation and analysis of the cutting thickness and production process of the CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine, the function of the simulation of the CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine program writing system was clarified, and the following key tasks were completed:
The turning of CNC machining programs is the basic element of CNC lathes. On the basis of analyzing the requirements for writing the core program of CNC machining, use regular inspection of the incorrect CNC machine code in the production and processing program, analyze the information of the CNC machining program, and then store the program information in the determined program design for use;
Tool radius compensation is commonly used in low-temperature plasma cutting production and processing of CNC machine tools. This paper discusses and selects the C action tool radius compensation method to design and manufacture the tool radius compensation function of the CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine programming and system simulation. In this paper, the whole process of tool radius compensation, the migration mode and migration situation in the middle of the outline curve are analyzed, the corresponding mathematical analysis model is established, and the calculation of the compensation motion track coordinates is completed;
Contemporary CNC machine tools generally use graphic display and simulation to simulate the production process. In this problem, a graphic display system is built under the VC++6.0MFC framework, and the design plan cuts the simulation simulation control module, which can not only show the graphics of the CNC machining program more intuitively It can also simulate the production process of the CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine, so as to detect the accuracy of the CNC machining program;
Because there are many similar parts in plasma cutting production and processing, the utilization rate is very high. This paper analyzes and summarizes such parts, and uses the main parameter design concept to create a more commonly used part graphics library, and completes the operation according to the needs. Graphics, then set relevant main parameters, and convert them into plasma cutting CNC machining programs that meet the requirements;
On the basis of analyzing the DXF format file and graphic information storage standard, this paper clarifies the method of loading DXF documents, discusses the process of improving the graphics of DXF documents, designs the function of numerical control programming software based on DXF documents, and completes the process of adding DXF documents. After the plasma arc and arc wire are applied, it can be converted into a CNC machining program for plasma cutting.
According to the adjustment, the simulation of CNC machine tool plasma cutting machine programming system can be quickly converted into CNC machining program, the simulation effect is very good, and it has a good application prospect in the actual operation of plasma cutting machine cutting thickness.

Post time: Mar-26-2022