Crusher basic information

Pulverizers (also known as pulverizers) are suitable for hospitals, Chinese pharmacies, health care product sales counters, Chinese medicine research institutes, laboratories, Chinese medicine processing plants, Chinese medicine powder processing, private clinics and home kitchens to crush rice, beans and seasonings (cooked vegetables , soup, stew, stuffing), homemade nutritious meal, soup.
1. How to use
Before using the machine, please turn off the power switch.
1. Open the top cover (clockwise, counterclockwise).
2. Put the dried medicine into the crushing box.
3. Tighten the top cover.
4. Plug in the power and turn on the timer switch.
5. When the rolling sound is uniform, it means that the medicine has been crushed into powder and can be turned off.
6. Open the top cover and pour out the powder.
2. Matters needing attention
1. For the safety of users, the power supply must be grounded.
2. The crushed material must be dry, not suitable for processing wet and greasy Chinese medicine.
3. The crushed medicine shall not exceed half of the capacity of the crushing tank.
4. It only takes half a minute to crush traditional Chinese medicine, and only one minute to crush hard medicine.
5. The machine cannot be used continuously for a long time, and each time it is turned on should not exceed 5 minutes. If the processing volume is large, it should be used at intervals to prevent the bearing from overheating and damaging the motor.
6. When the top cover is open, do not activate the switch.
7. After long-term use, the carbon brushes and blades are seriously worn and need to be replaced.
8. Frequently check and tighten the screws of the blade.
9. After the operation every day, let the machine idle for 2 minutes, and extract the remaining materials. After shutdown, open the hood to check for damage to parts, and close the hood after removing excess material.
Equipment Features:
1. Wide range of applications, minerals, fibers and micro-viscous substances (after drying) can be crushed into extremely fine particles.
2. The operation is simple, and the material can be made extremely fine without repeated crushing.
3. All stainless steel crushing tanks and blades are used, which meet the requirements of traditional Chinese medicine and GMP to avoid iron.
4. No need for screen, less residue, easy to clean.
5. Can be used continuously.
6. The average crushing particle size is more than 150 mesh, which is comparable to a grinder.
7. Straight knives, small machetes, large machetes, and various knife types can effectively reduce the unfavorable crushing factors caused by the differences in the properties of the materials themselves, so they are used.
8. It utilizes the principle of airflow guidance and combines the advantages of traditional high-speed pulverizers, crushers and grinders, and is the embodiment of the three machines.

Post time: Sep-06-2022