Common faults of air compressors? Air compressor fault maintenance

Air compressor, I’m sure it’s not too hard to hear that name in Nissan life. Automobile air compressor is a kind of automobile engine part. The key is to provide pneumatic valves to the braking system of commercial vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, so as to achieve the actual effect of the automobile braking system. As a key software component of a commercial vehicle engine, it is the only pneumatic valve component of the body-in-white brake system and plays a leading role in commercial vehicles. Below, let us take a look at the common faults of air compressors.
Air Compressor Common Faults – Introduction.
Piston compressors are widely used in automotive air compressors, and their common faults include steam leakage, oil leakage, excessive temperature and noise. The running state of the air compressor will directly affect the braking function and reliable operation of the car. Should cause the attention of maintenance personnel.
The difference between a car air compressor and a central air conditioner compressor.
Automobile central air-conditioning compressors are usually called refrigeration compressors, which are used for automobile air-conditioning units. Air compressors are called air compressors, which are used to provide air power. The refrigeration compressors are small in size, completely enclosed, and generally connected for cooling. Condensers and condensers, air compressors rarely occur in automobiles, and automotive servo drives are powered by electrical engineering or driven by mechanical equipment.
Air Compressor Common Faults – Safety Matters.
The control of the air compressor system software is very safe. There is very little risk, but in very rare cases there will be some human error. To better reduce the chance of human error, it is important to keep the following safety considerations in mind:
① Carefully read the operation manual. According to the careful reading of the customer’s operation guide brought by the manufacturer, master the working conditions of each component of the compressor.
②Before running the equipment every time, the external conditions of pipelines, connectors, operating parts and the overall system should be carefully checked. If there is any problem, it is strictly prohibited to use it.
③ Use a suitable power plug. Power sockets with unreasonable grounding devices can damage electrical equipment components. Be sure to use a three-prong power outlet with a good grounding device.
④ Ensure that the surface of the compressor is dry during operation. The compressor should be stored in dry, clean, flowing air. Prevent dust, stains and paint mist from splashing on the compressor surface.
⑤Most compressors can be started and turned off automatically, and the switching power supply needs to be disconnected when overhauling the machinery and equipment.
⑥ Be careful not to touch the working parts. High-speed moving parts can damage the body. When the compressor is working, be sure to move the rocker. It is not necessary to wear wide clothing pants to prevent strangulation from rotating parts. Before servicing the compressor, unplug the power cord.
⑦ It is not necessary to remove the protective cover of the belt, to ensure that other safety protection equipment is connected reliably, and pay attention to maintain a stable operating state. Keep in mind that the compressor is hot during operation and it is not necessary to touch the entire body.
⑧Be careful with the actual operation when releasing the high pressure air. Use the standard air pressure controller to reduce the standard air pressure. The fast cyclone will blow dust and other dirty things.
⑨ Prevent the gas pipe from being tied, and be careful not to let the gas pipe, power plug and external wiring touch sharp objects, spilled compounds, oil and wet and cold road surfaces. All of this leads to risk.
⑨Remove the working pressure of the gas cylinder, when moving the gas pipe or replacing the pneumatic wrench, make sure that the reading value on the instrument panel of the AC voltage stabilizer is zero. Note: The high-pressure gas can not be released too fast, otherwise it will cause a risk.
Maintenance and maintenance are the direct way to prevent many common failures, which are also indispensable. At this stage, most of the medium and heavy-duty vehicles manufactured in my country use air compressors. The main functions of the air compressor are: clutch driving force, braking system driving force, seats and other air suspension systems. In order to better improve the braking and driving force, large and medium-sized vehicles use an air compressor to improve the braking and driving force, and the car is equipped with an air compressor. In order to better remove heat and lubricate, automobile engine gasoline pumps are generally used for the connection of input and output oil pipes. The above is all of the common faults of air compressors that we have covered.

Post time: Apr-14-2022