CO2 MIG Welding with Synergy and Multi-Function

The utility model provides a device with unified adjustment

The MIG electric welding machine circuit of section belongs to the technical field of electric welding machines. The utility model solves the problem that the traditional MIG welding machine in the prior art needs to manually adjust the matching of output voltage and wire feeding speed. The circuit includes a driving module, a welding machine main circuit for outputting welding voltage and a PWM control module for controlling the input voltage of the wire feeding motor. The PWM control module is connected to the welding machine main circuit through the driving module, and also includes a wire feeding voltage regulating unit and a wire feeding speed regulating unit connected with the PWM control module. The wire feeding voltage regulating unit includes two resistors connected in parallel, Wire feeding voltage regulation unit output and wire feeding speed regulation

The output of the unit is connected with the wire feeding motor, the output end of the main circuit of t.the welding machine is connected with a detection unit for detecting the welding output current and voltage, and the feedback of the detection unit is connected with the PWM control module. The circuit can match the output welding voltage and wire feeding speed by adjusting the motor voltage through a simple unified adjustment circuit

Post time: Aug-30-2021