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After more than 50 years of development, welding robot technology has integrated multi-disciplinary technologies such as information technology, sensor technology and artificial intelligence to realize the development of intelligence and automation. At present, the digital arc welding power source used by welding robot has the advantages of fast response, good welding quality, strong repeatability and stable output. However, at this stage, most of the arc welding power sources used are foreign production, such as Schaffer, France DIGI@WAVE Series, Austrian TPS series, etc. Although some products are also launched in China, they still can not reach the ideal level in terms of control accuracy and welding stability. In terms of robot sensing, welding robots can use sensors in various disciplines such as electromagnetism, acoustics and optics to extract information from welding process and meet the automatic operation requirements of robot welding operation. The multi-sensor information fusion technology can detect the weld deviation and spot welding quality, and provide technical support for the realization of intelligent welding operation. With the support of this technology, the welding robot can realize the weld forming quality control by using the welding professional system as the adaptive unit and making the welding decision through fuzzy calculation and neural network [1]. However, at present, the technology is still in the research stage, which is limited by the coordinated control of various systems. In the welding production of welding robot, it is necessary to use teaching programming to realize robot programming control, which is not conducive to the expansion of robot workspace

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Extension. However, mature offline programming systems have been developed abroad, such as robot SIM of ABB in Switzerland, motosim in Japan, etc. In China, the core technology is still in the hands of scientific and technological personnel in Colleges and universities and is still in the simulation stage. In addition, in recent years, scholars at home and abroad continue to study the multi robot coordinated control technology, even if each welding robot completes the welding task through cooperative operation. 1.2 technology application status

From the application of welding robot technology, welding robots in the domestic market can be divided into three categories: domestic, Japanese and European, including Panasonic, abb, IgM and other brands. The overall market share accounts for about 70% of the domestic market share. Domestic welding robots have gradually completed some brand building, such as Nanjing Easton, Shanghai xinshida and Shenyang Xinsong, but the overall share is small, only about 30%. Limited by the technical level, the core parts of domestic welding robot mainly rely on import, resulting in the high price of robot, which limits the development and growth of domestic welding robot market. In terms of application fields, welding robots have been applied in automobile, engineering machinery, ship and other fields. In the field of domestic automobile manufacturing, welding robots are widely used. They can be used for arc welding and spot welding in automobile braking production lines, and for the processing and manufacturing of body, automobile parts and chassis, which has promoted the transformation and development of domestic automobile industry from labor-intensive to technology intensive. In the field of construction machinery, welding robots have also been applied, such as welding manufacturing of large construction machinery equipment such as bulldozers and excavators, which has obvious application advantages. In the field of shipbuilding, welding robots are mainly used in Japan, the United States and other countries. Affected by the technical complexity of shipbuilding welding robot system, although the welding robot has been applied in China, it mainly depends on the introduction of robot technology from abroad, which limits the development of domestic shipbuilding welding robot technology to a certain extent. In addition, welding robots have also been used to varying degrees in the fields of bicycles, locomotives, electrical and aerospace, but on the whole, they have not been widely used in China. 2 prospect of welding robot technology 2.1 development prospect of welding robot technology

Combined with the development status of welding robot technology, it can be found that compared with foreign countries, the development of welding robot technology in China is still relatively backward. But under the background of “made in China 2025″, general secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that robots are the “Pearl of the crown of manufacturing industry”. Their R & D, manufacturing and application are important symbols to measure the level of technological innovation and high-end manufacturing in a country. Therefore, in order to promote the transformation and development of made in China and complete the creation of “made in China new century”, we should strengthen the research of welding robot technology. Therefore, in the future development, China should also focus on the problems of weld tracking technology and multi robot coordinated control

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Problems, robot programming problems and other problems shall be strengthened, and technical problems shall be solved by introducing advanced technical theories such as artificial intelligence, bionics and cybernetics, so as to strive to be at the forefront of this field. Therefore, the government should also strengthen the support for advanced technology in the field of welding robots and increase the investment in robot projects, so as to provide strong backing for technological development. The breakthrough of core technologies can effectively promote the intelligent and automatic development of welding robot production and manufacturing in China. 2.2 application prospect of Technology

In the application of welding robot technology, in order to become a manufacturing power, China should also introduce welding robots into production and manufacturing in various fields as soon as possible to meet the development needs of national productivity. At present, in addition to manufacturing, construction, agriculture and forestry, marine development, medical treatment and service industries have also developed automation, which can provide a large development space for the application of welding robots [2]. In combination with this development situation, we should also strengthen the R & D and manufacturing of special welding robots, and complete the R & D of special welding robots that can meet the needs of various fields, such as deep-sea welding robots, military welding robots, construction welding robots, etc., so as to continuously expand the application and development space of welding robots, so as to effectively promote the development of welding robot technology.  

Conclusion: in modern industrial production, China should also fully realize the importance of welding robot technology, and realize the transformation of manufacturing industry from labor-intensive to technology-intensive by continuously promoting the development of this technology, so as to make China a world manufacturing power. In order to achieve this goal, we should continue to analyze the development of welding robot technology, so as to clarify the future development direction in combination with the current situation of technology development, so as to better promote the development of welding robot technology.

Post time: Aug-24-2021