MMA-200 Hot Start Anti-Stick Vrd Heavy Duty MMA Arc Welder with CE

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Dual voltage 110/220V



6010/7018 electrode is friendly to be welded

Best choose for DIY welding equpment

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Electric welding machines use electric energy to instantly convert electric energy into heat energy. Electricity is very common. Electric welding machines are suitable for working in a dry environment and do not need too many requirements. They are widely used in various fields because of their small size, simple operation, convenient use, fast speed and strong weld after welding, especially for products requiring high strength, The same metal material (or different metals can be connected, but the welding methods are different) can be permanently connected. After heat treatment, the weld has the same strength as the base metal and has good sealing, which solves the problems of sealing and strength for the manufacture of gas and liquid storage containers. 2、 Disadvantages of electric welding machine: during the use of electric welding machine, a certain magnetic field will be generated around the welding machine, and radiation will be generated to the surrounding during arc combustion. There are infrared, ultraviolet and other kinds of light in the arc, as well as harmful substances such as metal steam and smoke. Therefore, sufficient protective measures must be taken during operation. Welding is not suitable for the welding of high carbon steel. Due to the crystallization, segregation and oxidation of weld metal, the welding performance of high carbon steel is poor, and it is easy to crack after welding, resulting in hot cracks and cold cracks. Low carbon steel has good welding performance, but it should also be operated properly in the process. Derusting and cleaning are cumbersome. Sometimes slag inclusion cracks, pores, undercuts and other defects will appear in the weld, but proper operation will reduce the occurrence of defects.

The current and voltage are reduced by the three-phase main transformer, rectified by the thyristor element, and the output current is controlled by changing the trigger angle phase of the thyristor. Take out the current signal from the shunt at the DC output end of the rectifier as the current negative feedback signal. As the DC output current increases, the negative feedback also increases, the thyristor conduction angle decreases, and the output current and voltage decreases, so as to obtain the reduced external characteristics. The thrust circuit increases the output current when the output voltage is lower than 15V, especially in case of short circuit, forming the external characteristics of external drag, so that the electrode is not easy to stick. The arc striking circuit increases the given voltage in a short time during each arc striking, so that the arc striking current is large and easy to start

ITEM UNIT MMA-140 MMA-160 MMA-180 MMA-200
Input Power Voltage V 110/220 (1Ph)± 10% 110、220 (1Ph)± 10% 110、220 (1Ph)± 10% 110、220 (1Ph)± 10%
Frequency Hz 50 / 60 50 / 60 50 / 60 50 / 60
Rated Input Capacity KVA 4.5 5.4 6.2 7.1
Output Current (MMA,220V) A 20-140A 20-160A 20-180A 20-200A
Output Current (MMA,110V) A 20-110A 20-110A 20-110A 20-110A
No-Load Voltage V 59V 59V 59V 59V
Rated Duty Cycle % 60% 60% 60% 60%
Power Factor COS 0.93 0.93 0.93 0.93
 Temperature protection 80 degree 80 degree 80 degree 80 degree
Protective Grade of Housing IP21S IP21S IP21S IP21S
Suitable For Electrode mm 2-3.2 2-3.2 2-4.0 2-4.0
Power Supply Cable 2.5mm 2meters 2.5mm 2meters 2.5mm 2meters 2.5mm 2meters
Accessories ①:25mm copper and alu welding clamp 2 meters,②:25mm copper and alu earth clamp 2 meters,③:mask,④:brush
Packing Size cm 36*23*33
Weight Kg 4.7 4.9 5 5.2

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