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  • It takes only 70 seconds to inflate
  • Equipped with surge current and over-heat protectors to protect the motor from burning
  • Equipped with double fan blades for better cooling effect

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Economy and total efficiency of air compressor η And specific power NB. Total efficiency η And the lower the specific power Nb, the better the economy. To get higher η And lower Nb, it is necessary to reduce the shaft power n and improve the exhaust volume QP. The shaft power and exhaust volume are related to the actual working cycle and mechanical efficiency of the air compressor. Therefore, in order to ensure the economic operation of the air compressor, it is necessary to have reasonable clearance volume, small suction and exhaust resistance, good cooling and lubrication, low suction temperature and humidity, minimize all kinds of leakage, and establish a scientific management system of compressor equipment.  

1、 Reasonably adjust the clearance volume

Although the existence of clearance volume has no effect on the circulating work of compressing 1 cubic meter of gas, the larger the volume, the smaller the primary suction capacity of the air compressor and the higher the temperature at the end of suction, thus reducing the exhaust capacity of the air compressor. However, if the clearance is too small, the piston may collide with the cylinder, resulting in mechanical accidents. Therefore, the clearance volume must be adjusted within a reasonable range.  

Different models of air compressors require different clearance volumes. During adjustment, the clearance volume shall meet relevant regulations or manufacturer's requirements.  

2、 Reduce suction and exhaust resistance

The suction and exhaust resistance not only increases the power consumption, reduces the exhaust volume, but also increases the exhaust temperature. Therefore, efforts should be made to reduce the suction and exhaust resistance.  

1. Clean the air filter regularly

After using for a period of time, dust will inevitably be attached to the air filter, which will increase the air inlet resistance and affect the suction. It is generally specified that the resistance of metal mesh air filter shall be less than 2453n / m2. Therefore, it shall be cleaned frequently, and the cleaning interval shall not be greater than three months.  

2. Maintain the normal operation of suction and exhaust valves

To make the suction and exhaust valves work normally, the following points must be achieved.  

1) Ensure the tight contact between the valve seat and the valve plate. Before the use of suction and exhaust valves, grind the valve seat and valve plate, and conduct water holding test. The results shall meet the note 1 of No. 2 in table 15-2. The flow passage of valve acne and valve cover shall be trimmed smooth to eliminate the concave convex phenomenon on the surface of the flow passage.  

2) The spring of the air valve meets the requirements. If the spring is too soft, the air valve will not be closed tightly and leak. If the spring is too hard, the resistance of the air valve will increase. Therefore, the hardness of the spring shall be appropriate and the elasticity of each spring shall be consistent.  

3) Timely remove the carbon deposit} due to the high temperature and pressure in the cylinder, the lubricating oil is easy to oxidize to form carbon deposit. These carbon deposits and dust entering the cylinder with the air are easy to block the air valve channel and air pressure pipeline, increase the flow resistance, and increase the circulating work and exhaust temperature. Therefore, the air valve shall be removed in time and cleaned in kerosene.   

3、 Keep the air compressor cool well

The cooling effect of air compressor is closely related to power consumption, exhaust volume and exhaust temperature. The main way to improve the cooling effect is that the air compressor should be placed in a place with air circulation, sufficient light and flat surroundings, so as to facilitate operation management and ensure the air cooling effect.  

4、 Keep the air compressor well lubricated

Maintaining good lubrication of the air compressor can improve mechanical efficiency. Therefore, qualified lubricating oil shall be selected according to regulations; The amount of lubricating oil shall not be too much or interrupted, otherwise it will be wasted and increase the risk of explosion; Oil temperature and oil pressure shall meet relevant requirements; Adhere to regular cleaning of oil tank, oil pipe, oil filter and oiler to ensure smooth oil circuit.  

As mentioned above, under high temperature and high pressure, lubricating oil is easy to oxidize and form carbon deposit. The existence of carbon deposition not only increases the air flow resistance, but also is easy to spontaneous combustion and explosion under high temperature and high pressure, which becomes an unsafe hidden danger. Therefore, the piston ring and sealing ring can be made by filling polytetrafluoroethylene instead of cast iron, and the oiler can be removed to change the oil lubrication of the cylinder into oil-free lubrication.


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