Crushing Machine 07

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Single phase

Easy for operation

High speed for crushing

Convenient for moving

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Safety operation regulations for crusher 1. Before use, first check whether the power supply everywhere is intact, check the tightness of the belt and screws of each part, and check the lubrication of each transmission part. After wiring, test run the crusher to see if the motor rotates in the direction of the arrow. On the contrary, stop the operation and change the wire head. 2. The comprehensive motor protector in the distribution box shall not be tried out without load. During the operation of the crusher, pay attention to the change of the indicator light and listen to whether there is noise, overheating, smoking and other abnormalities inside the crusher. 3. Do not touch the running belt, pulley and other parts during the operation of the crusher. 4. When working, the personnel must wear complete labor protection, about 1m away from the crusher, so as to avoid the staff from being injured by the collapse and flying of material blocks during the crushing process. It shall be started first, and then put the materials for crushing to prevent burning the motor. 5. If abnormal conditions are found during the operation of the crusher, turn off the power supply in time, stop working and contact the maintenance personnel. 6. Start the pulverizer, first push the control switch, and then press the switch. The operation light of the motor comprehensive protector is on, and the pulverization can be carried out normally. 7. The feeding port of the crusher should not have too much filler each time, which can be flat with the feeding port. If the material is too large and fast, it must be crushed manually and then filled into the crusher for crushing. Aluminum blocks and hard substances shall not enter the crusher during use. 8. Turn off the pulverizer after each powder feeding to avoid difficulty in starting or burning the motor next time. Turn off the power supply in time after powder feeding, and idling is not allowed.


It’s widely used in family and mill to crush feed materials such as corn,grain,rice,pean, peanut,barley,capsicum into power for pig, cattle,sheep and so on.




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