Crushing Machine for potato corn

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The utility model relates to a household universal pulverizer, which is composed of a motor, a motor spindle, an overload protector, a frame, a feed hopper, a discharge hopper, a screen, a combined hammer, a fixed knife and a flying knife. It is characterized in that the machine is a horizontal machine, and the motor spindle is a horizontal transmission spindle extending beyond the motor end cover, A circular saw blade, a combined hammer blade and a flying knife are directly arranged on it or on the horizontal driven rotating shaft coaxially connected with it; The fixed knife and the feed hopper are positioned on the movable end cover or the fixed end cover, wherein the feed angle of the feed hopper( α) Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency and low consumption, one machine with multiple functions, can crush food and feed, firewood and straw, and can also be used for sawing boards and breaking wood. It is very convenient to carry, use and maintain, and has great popularization value

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The utility model discloses a simple household small garbage crusher, which comprises an upper cover of a feed inlet, a material box, a gear power unit, a motor connecting block, a motor, and a support chassis. The upper cover of the feed inlet is closely connected with the crushing cabin, a lower discharge valve of crushed materials is arranged between the material box and the lower inner part of the crushing cabin, and the support foot seat of the frame is fixedly connected with the support chassis, A feeding port is arranged on the feeding pipe, a control button is arranged on the shell surface of the crushing chamber, and the control button is connected with the motor connecting block, the gear power unit is connected with the motor connecting block, and the motor connecting block is closely connected with the rotating shaft, a motor is arranged above the motor base, and the motor is connected with the motor connecting block, A motor base is fixed above the support chassis. The utility model is a simple household small-sized garbage crusher, which is designed in combination with the structure of the crusher. The working process of the whole crusher is very simple and the efficiency is relatively good


It’s widely used in family and mill to crush feed materials such as corn,grain,rice, pean, peanut,barley,capsicum into power for pig, cattle,sheep and so on.


Degree of protection: IP54

Insulation class: F

Continuous operation


Model Power Productivity (Kg/H) Main shaft speed (r/min) Packing dimension(mm) Qty/40HQ
(Kw) (Hp)
CM-0.75B 0.75 1.0 180



CM-1.1B 1.1 1.5 240




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