Belt air compressor lubricated oil rotary compressor

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  • (1) Low air velocity, small loss and high efficiency.
  • (2) large flow is not applicable, but the pressure range is wide, from low pressure to ultra-high pressure.
  • (3) strong adaptability, and the exhaust volume remains unchanged when the exhaust pressure changes in a large range; The same compressor can be used to compress different gases
  • (4) in addition to the ultra-high pressure compressor, the parts of the unit are mostly ordinary carbon steel
  • (5). The medium and large flow unit has large overall dimensions and quality, complex structure and many vulnerable parts. The exhaust pulsation is large, and the gas is often mixed with lubricating oil.

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The engine drives the compressor crankshaft to rotate through the elastic coupling, so as to drive the connecting rod to move, and the rod body swings. The small end of the connecting rod drives the prefix, piston rod and piston to move back and forth. When the piston moves to the left, the right working volume increases, the pressure in the cylinder decreases, forming a local vacuum, and the process gas overcomes the resistance of the inlet valve and enters the cylinder, The exhaust valve closes under the action of spring force. At the same time, the left working volume gas is compressed. When the piston runs at the inner dead center, the suction of the right working volume stops, and the compressed gas in the left working volume overcomes the resistance of the exhaust valve and discharges the cylinder. When the piston runs to the right, it is opposite to the above process, so as to increase the gas pressure and complete the working cycle from suction → compression → exhaust. (VII) classification of piston compressor 1. By displacement QN

Micro: QN < 1m ³/ Min ﹤ small: QN ﹤ 1-10m ³/ Min ﹐ medium: QN ﹐ 10-100m ³/ Min large: QN > 100m ³/ Min 2. Press the exhaust pressure

Low pressure compressor: 0.2-1.0mpa; medium pressure compressor: 1.0-10mpa; high pressure compressor: 10-100mpa; ultra high pressure compressor: > 100MPa; 3. By shaft power

Micro compressor: < 10kW small compressor: 10-50kw medium compressor: 50-250kw large compressor: > 250KW 4. According to the compression stage: single-stage and multi-stage > 5. According to the arrangement of cylinders < in-line type: vertical and horizontal > angle type: V-type and L-type

Opposed type: symmetrical balanced type and opposed type} 6. According to the working volume of the cylinder

Single acting type, double acting type and differential type} 7. According to the cylinder lubrication mode} oil lubrication and oil-free lubrication} 8. According to the purpose

Power: such as air compressor; Process: such as natural gas compressor. (VIII) requirements for compressor


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