Belt air compressor

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• Energy saving

• Not easy to Leak oil

• Strong power

No need electricity ,easily work outside

Gasoline engine mounted on compressor

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When the reciprocating piston in the cylinder moves to the right, the pressure in the left chamber of the piston in the cylinder is lower than the atmospheric pressure PA, the suction valve is opened, and the outside air is sucked into the cylinder. This process is called compression process. When the pressure in the cylinder is higher than the pressure P in the output air pipe, the exhaust valve opens. Compressed air is sent to the gas transmission pipe. This process is called exhaust process. The reciprocating motion of the piston is formed by the crank slider mechanism driven by the motor. The rotary motion of the crank is converted into sliding - the reciprocating motion of the piston.

Piston air compressors have many structural forms. According to the configuration mode of cylinder, it can be divided into vertical type, horizontal type, angular type, symmetrical balance type and opposed type. According to the compression series, it can be divided into single-stage type, double-stage type and multi-stage type. According to the setting mode, it can be divided into mobile type and fixed type. According to the control mode, it can be divided into unloading type and pressure switch type. Among them, the unloading control mode means that when the pressure in the air storage tank reaches the set value, the air compressor does not stop running, but carries out uncompressed operation by opening the safety valve. This idling state is called unloading operation. The pressure switch control mode means that when the pressure in the air storage tank reaches the set value, the air compressor will automatically stop running.

The advantages of piston air compressor are simple structure, long service life, and easy to realize large capacity and high pressure output. The disadvantages are large vibration and noise, and because the exhaust is intermittent, there is pulse output, so an air storage tank is required.


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