750W Silent Oil-free Air Compressor

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The oil-free air compressor not only meets the requirements of industrial production, but also has many advantages. Because it does not have the setting of air compressor oil, it can ensure the oil-free nature of the gas compressed by the air compressor.

During the operation of the air compressor, the oil-free air compressor avoids many unnecessary troubles. For example, during work, the air compressor will no longer produce high temperature or oil damage to body accessories due to the viscosity of lubricating oil.

The oil-free air compressor reduces the energy loss of the body in operation and greatly saves the operation cost of the air compressor. The use of oil-free air compressor not only improves the quality of compressed air, but also reduces the loss of energy, which meets people’s demand for high quality of goods. With the increasing improvement of components and functions of oil-free air compressor, ordinary air compressor may be gradually replaced.

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Firstly, the material of the machine itself does not contain oily substances and does not need to add any lubricating oil during operation. Therefore, the quality of the discharged air is greatly improved and the safety of the supporting equipment required by the user is guaranteed. Unlike the oil air compressor, the discharged gas contains a large number of oil molecules, which will bring varying degrees of impact on the supporting equipment of the user,Therefore, it is necessary to select oil-free silent air compressor to ensure air quality.

Secondly, the use and maintenance of silent oil-free air compressor is also more convenient and simple than oil-free air compressor. As we all know, some oil-bearing air compressors need to be replaced or refueled regularly during use, and some air compressors have oil injection and oil leakage, which also pollutes the surrounding environment to varying degrees, requiring users to spend time to clean up, which relatively increases the workload of users, which is contrary to people's willingness to use machinery and equipment to improve work efficiency. Compared with this kind of air compressor, the oil-free silent air compressor basically does not need the user to spend time on maintenance, because it does not need to add a drop of oil. The fully automatic pressure sensing switch will automatically start or stop according to the air volume you use, which can be described as worry-saving and power-saving. The automatic drainage device also saves users a lot of worry, so it is very convenient to use. The service life is also longer than the silent air compressor with oil!

After investigation: users who have used silent oil-free air compressors have expressed their willingness to recommend such air compressors to friends! With the rapid development of industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of society for required products have been greatly improved. At the same time, the improvement of the precision of pneumatic components promotes the higher and higher requirements for oil and water in compressed gas. In the past, there were no new products of oil-free air compressor


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