750W Silent Oil-free Air Compressor

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1. The output air pressure is stable without fluctuation, so as to minimize noise pollution. It is suitable for analysis and testing, laboratory supporting, laboratories of colleges and universities, research institutes, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention and other testing departments.

2. The oil-free air compressor solves the problem of oil output of output gas, because it does not need to add lubricating oil. A water outlet shall be provided to discharge the accumulated water in the air storage tank in time.

3. The constant flow air compressor adopts a pressure saving device to output air with constant current and constant pressure, so that the reproducibility of laboratory instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometry is good.

4. Long service life

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1. Low energy consumption: the ratio of pressure and gas production is based on the golden ratio. Under the condition of minimum energy consumption, it can produce the most gas source most quickly, and the start and stop of the machine are automatic design, which not only saves power, but also saves you worry.  

2. Core technology: the cylinder liner system exclusively develops nano coating technology, abandons the oil-free materials commonly used by ordinary manufacturers, and is quieter, cleaner, longer service life and suitable for higher requirements, such as food and pharmaceutical industries.  

3. Drying and sterilization: filters with different accuracy requirements can be selected according to different needs of the industry, so as to ensure the use results and promote the satisfaction of users. 

4. Anti rust spraying: the interior of the air storage tank is treated with anti rust and anti bacteria to ensure the cleanliness of the gas and the safety of the product at the source.  

5. Safe use: the machine is equipped with multiple automatic protection systems. When there is any abnormality in the use environment such as voltage, air pressure or current, it will stop automatically to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.  

6. Easy to operate: power on and use, automatic design, no need for special personnel to be on duty; The air pressure can be adjusted freely according to the use requirements, without complicated maintenance, just regular drainage.  

7. Fashionable and practical: the small silent air compressor has fashionable appearance design and practical performance, and operates according to the specifications, with a working life of more than 20000 hours; Each design is the work of the top engineers in the industry, which is natural and extraordinary.


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